Concentrado Jamaica (Hibiscus Drink) 700ml

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EL Yucateco Concentrado Jamaica (Hibiscus Drink) 700ml

This drink is flavoured with hibiscus flower. It is a great soft, refreshing drink. This drink is a perfect add to your Jamaican Margaritas as well. If you have Triple Sec, sugar, limes and, of course, some tequila – you will have a great drink to welcome your guests.                     

Jamaica is packing in 700ml bottles.  The bottle will make around 4 liters of drink. Simply add water, add ice and a sprinkle some ground cinnamon. Enjoy! 

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Natural Hibiscus Extract(15%), Antioxidant (Citric Acid)(E-330), Colour (Caramel of class IV) (E-150A), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)(E-202) and Colour (FD & C RED 40)(E-129).